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About iittala

Iittala is an internationally recognized design brand that offers iconic premium Scandinavian Design . Iittala offers high-quality, multi-purpose home furnishings and interior design objects. All objects are designed to be combined and are compatible with each other, which allows multiple options to combine according to individual taste and desire.

Iittala targets today’s quality-conscious consumers who appreciate enduring values and make independent choices. Iittala offers consumers aesthetically and functionally durable products that bring enjoyment and pleasure to daily life – every Iittala object represents the core philosophy of Lasting Everyday Design Against Throwawayism.

Iittala is a brand for those who favor sustainability over consumption and want to create timeless, mindmade objects for everyday use. Many iconic and original individuals have long been associated with Iittala and we are proud to continue the tradition with each new generation of designers from around the world. Get acquainted with all the designers of lasting everyday design against throwawayism.


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Alvar Aalto from Iittala on Vimeo.