Bread Knife
Berti Knives

Item: Bread Knife
$280.00 to $492.00

The Berti bread knife is a thick-bladed knife used for cutting loaves of bread. It's serrated edges cut through thick, hard crust without flattening the bread for that perfect slice.

Berti Knife Options:
  • Anchor Tang  - blade anchored in handle. Anchor tang available in Genuine Oxhorn or Black Lucite.
  • Full Tang -  handle in two halves anchored to blade. Available in Black, White or Red Lucite
  • Magnetized Wooden Block - Custom-sized, wood block available to store each knife. Magnet allows blocks to adhere together (in Italian: "insieme").
Total Length for Anchor Tang: 13.2"
Total Length for Full Tang: 14"
Blade Length: 8.7"