Salmon Knife

Berti Knives
Item: Salmon-Knife
$312.00 to $578.00
Total Length: 15.7" / 39.9 cm
Blade Length: 10.2" / 25.9 cm
Handmade in Italy.
The Berti Salmon Knife is a slicing knife much like the Berti ham and prosciutto slicer, but with a Granton edge. Also called the "kullenschiff" edge, this blade has hollowed out grooves on the sides of the blade that fill with the fat and juices of the product being sliced. This allows for thin, even cuts without tearing or shredding delicate meats like smoked salmon or poached game hens. The grooves also reduce sticking by shedding the material being cut from the blade.

Berti Knife Options:
  • Anchor Tang - blade anchored in handle. Anchor tang available in Genuine Oxhorn or Black Lucite.
  • Full Tang - handle in two halves anchored to blade. Available in Black, White or Red Lucite
  • Magnetized Wooden Block - Custom-sized, wood block available to store each knife. Magnet allows blocks to adhere together (in Italian: "insieme").