Utility Knife

Berti Knives
Item: Utility Knife
$272.00 to $542.00
Total Length: 11.4" / 29 cm
Blade Length: 6.1" / 15.5 cm
Handmade in Italy.
The Berti Utility Knife is a mid-sized knife for miscellaneous cutting. Larger than the paring knife but not as large as the chef's knife, the Berti utility knife is great for cutting larger vegetables and sandwich meats not big enough for a chef's knife.

Berti Knife Options:
  • Anchor Tang - blade anchored in handle. Anchor tang available in Genuine Oxhorn or Black Lucite.
  • Full Tang - handle in two halves anchored to blade. Available in Black, White or Red Lucite
  • Magnetized Wooden Block - Custom-sized, wood block available to store each knife. Magnet allows blocks to adhere together (in Italian: "insieme").