Caster Kit - Set of 2 for Modular Nest System + Acacia Wood Tables

Big Green Egg
Item: 120410
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- Heavy-duty for better wear through high-use conditions
- 2-way brake locks both roll and rotation
- Solid polyurethane wheel

This Locking Caster Kit works well with these great products:
- Hardwood Tables : Acacia
- Modular Nests
The Big Green Egg 4 in (10 cm) Locking Caster Kit features all black, low-profile components to integrate with the Big Green Egg design scheme. Each kit includes 1 locking and 1 non-locking caster; the casters work with the Big Green Egg Modular Nest System, the IntEGGrated Nest+Handler and all Big Green Egg Nests and Tables.