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Half Moon Raised Grid for Small EGG

Big Green Egg
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The Half Moon Raised Grids with Drip Pan give you the flexibility to cook direct on one half of the EGG and indirect on the other half.
Compatible: for Small EGG
If space is what you need, you should go for it. And you do that with the Half Raised Grid. When you place this raised grid on the grid of your Big Green Egg, you can enlarge your grilling surface in one go. It also increases the distance between the glowing charcoal and your dish, making the heat less direct. When using the Half Raised Grid, place the included drip tray under the grid to collect the cooking liquid of the dishes on the grid. Slowly cook your meat, fish, vegetables or pastry dishes on the Half Raised Grid for perfect results. Or use it to keep your cooked dishes warm.