rEGGulator Vent Cap for S, MX Eggs
Big Green Egg

Item: 117854
Available In-Store Only
The Big Green Egg rEGGulator Vent Cap provides precise temperature control. It far surpasses other airflow controllers for accuracy and ease of use. The new patent-pending rEGGulator features an insulated adjustment tab for comfortable use. Works with the optional cast iron Rain Cap for all weather cooking.
Fits: Small and MiniMax Eggs

_- Precise temperature control at your fingertips
- Made of durable cast iron with a proprietary super pre-seasoned finish for greater weather resistance
- Silicone adjustment tab is cool to the touch throughout cook
- Completely shuts off EGG when fully closed
- Designed for permanent placement on the EGG dome; does not need to be removed after cooking
- Designed for all weather use; keeps rain out when not in use –eliminating the need for a ceramic damper top
- Fully open vent allows 50% greater airflow than the traditional Dual Function Metal Top
- Mating surface is designed to minimize ‘sticking’ when cold
- Designed to work with the optional Rain Cap