Brasserie Pleated Ramekin

Item: 260415BR
Collection Brasserie by Pillivuyt is one of their most recognized patterns ever. Created in the 1920's for bistros and cafes, the menus were decorated directly into the dinnerware glaze. This style retains those menus, with their 1920's prices.

Simply designed and made to be easily stackable due to the defined rim, the Pillivuyt Brasserie pleated ramekin is great for use when preparing food to ensure mise en place. Featuring the classic Brasserie decal around the entire outside surface, they’re also well suited for serving ice cream, potted shrimps, side garnishes and condiments beside the entrée.

Brasserie Pleated Ramekin by Pillivuyt Porcelain 5oz. 4" diameter, 4" High.