Circle Small Conic Footstool in Dark Grey

Item: 8330RODG

Estimated ship date for backordered item(s): 5 - 6 weeks

20.5" Diameter x 15.4" Height
Materials: Cane-line Soft Rope
Designed by Cane-line Design Team
The functional, multipurpose, hypoallergenic Circle footstool is a creation of the Cane-line design team. With its extremely robust shape, Circle stands firmly on the ground, unaffected by strong winds. The name Circle comes from the footstool pattern consisting of a large number of rings. Circle is manufactured using the Cane-line QuickDry & AirFlow system which helps to ensure that the footstool dries quickly following a downpour. The Circle footstool is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Cane-line recommends using the optional cover or storing the footstool indoors during autumn and winter to extend the service life of the product.