Boucle Floor Mat in Noir

Item: LTX Boucle Noir
$150.00 to $920.00

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  • Available in 6 sizes
  • 58.4 cm x 911.4 cm / 23" x 36"
  • 66 cm x 182.9 cm / 26" x 72"
  • 76.2 cm x 269.2 cm / 30" x 106"
  • 88.9 cm x 121.9 cm / 35" x 48"
  • 116.8 cm x 182.9 cm / 46" x 72"
  • 182.9 cm x 269.2 cm / 72" x 106"
  • Best suited on dry surfaces.
  • Vacuum to remove loose dirt.
  • If necessary, clean with a residential carpet cleaner or wet mop the surface. Lift the mat off the floor and allow face and backing to air dry completely before placing the mat on the floor again.
  • Blot spills quickly with a lint-free cloth.
  • Should a stain occur, scrub with a soft bristle brush and a bleach-based cleanser; this will remove the stain without altering the fabric.
  • Do not iron. Do not machine wash.
  • Avoid use of rubber castors or placing objects made of rubber on the woven floor mat, discoloration will occur.
  • When moving or storing, roll up your mat with weave facing outward.
  • We recommend you occasionally lift and air out your woven floor mat. In sustained damp conditions, where moisture may be trapped under the mat for prolonged periods of time, this practice will keep the backing from clinging to the floor.
  • I(more...)
Made from woven textiles, our floor mats are durable, versatile beautiful and easy to clean. Perfect for use in entryways, dining areas, bedrooms, living areas and kitchens. Part of the Chilewich Boucle collection.