Compendio Steak Knives with Black Lucite Handle Set of 6
Berti Knives

Item: 7050
The unique glass bead blasting process gives the Compendio Berti knives a satin or matte finish and a contemporary look. Made from a stamping process, Compendio blades have a lighter feel while offering superb performance.

The edge is then handcrafted into a convex grind. That is, the blade has a rounded profile and tapers into a sharp edge. This grind type keeps much of the metal behind the edge, making the edge stronger and keeping the sharpness longer.  No paint, lacquer, Teflon, or any chemical addition is used in the production.

The unique glass bead blasting is an exploration into the different finishing of the steel surface resulting in a beautiful effect, while maintaining the top performance that discerning customers expect from Berti knives.


  • Handle: Black Lucite
  • Total Length: 9.3"
  • Blade Length: 4.7"