0.7L Active Drinking Bottle in Black

Eva Solo
Item: 505020

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Height: 9.44" / 24 cm
Diameter: 2.87" / 7.3 cm
Volume: 0.7 L / 23.6 oz
Materials: Stainless steel, Silicone
Care: Dishwasher-safe
Stainless steel with silicone cover and strap
Does not impart taste to the contents
All parts dishwasher-safe
The Active drinking bottle is a robust water bottle in a design reminiscent of a field bottle. The bottle has a handy silicone strap in the lid, so it’s easy to take with you, whether you’re going training or on a hiking trip.

The Active drinking bottle holds 700 ml (23.6 oz), which is slightly more than the existing Eva Solo water bottles, and is therefore the obvious choice if you need extra liquid during an intense spinning session, or if you are going on a fishing trip or a climb and therefore need a bottle that is extra robust. The Active bottle reduces your environmental impact and saves money, as you are using the same bottle again and again.