4.0L Nordic Mixing Bowl

Eva Solo
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Practical pouring lip & inner liter markings
Very stable and easy to stack
Easy to clean – polished surface inside & dishwasher-safe

Height: 5" /12.5 cm
Length: 13" / 33 cm
Width: 10.6" / 27 cm
Weight: 2.1 lb / 0.95 kg
The Nordic Kitchen mixing bowl is elegant, simple and practical with a matte exterior and a gloss interior. It has inside liter markings to facilitate measuring directly into the bowl. The bowl also features a practical pouring lip and a large handle for a firm grip when stirring. The rubber ring in the base means that the bowl stands firmly on most surfaces, in addition to which the bowls stack easily and take up a minimum of space in the kitchen cupboard. The mixing bowls are available in three sizes.