6.75 in Legio Nova Vase
Eva Solo

Item: 887313
This elegant and decorative vase is perfect for large floral displays and creative decorations. The vase can stand alone, or it can be used for dried or fresh flower displays on the table, windowsill or elsewhere in your home. It works well in all contexts, and its decorative shape also makes it suitable as a decoration in its own right without flowers or grasses. It is a classic design with the characteristic fluted style like the rest of the Legio Nova series. The vase is made of high-quality porcelain and comes with a 10-year porcelain warranty.
- Elegant and stylish design
- 10-year porcelain warranty
- Match with Legio Nova and Legio

Height: 6.7" / 17 cm
Materials: Porcelain
Design by: Eva Solo
Care: Dishwasher-safe