9.5 inch Copper Frying Pan

Eva Solo
Item: 271010

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Length: 17.5" / 44.5 cm
Width: 10.2" / 26 cm
Height: 3.1" / 8 cm
Weight: 3 lb / 1.35 kg
3-layer construction of copper, aluminum and stainless steel
Goes on all heat sources incl. Induction
Original design from 1977
This series of pots and pans in copper is the ultimate cooking equipment – partly because of copper's unique cooking and frying properties. The copper also provides complete control over cooking because it responds quickly to changes in temperature - an important feature in the preparation of sauces and other extraordinary cooking.
All pots and pans has a practical pouring lip, which makes the handling even easier. Copper goes on all heat sources incl. Induction.