Bird Feeder Tube

Eva Solo
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Length: 3.9" / 10 cm
Width: 3.9" / 10 cm
Height: 13.4" / 34 cm
Capacity: 22 oz / 650 ml
Weight: 1 lb / 0.45 kg
Small birds lands smoothly on the edge
Easy to assemble and disassemble and clean
Frost-proof glass that goes into the dishwasher
The Eva Solo Bird feeder tube hangs from its wire on the branch of a tree or bush providing a generous supply of food for garden birds. The small openings at the bottom of the tube make it easy for small birds to perch and eat. Thanks to the clear plastic, it is easy to see when the tube needs refilling. It holds 650 ml of bird food. The base and container can easily be separated, and both parts are dishwasher-safe.