Cast Iron Roasting Pot

Eva Solo
Item: 216440

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Capacity: 270 oz / 8 L
Height: 5.5" / 14 cm
Length: 16.7" / 42.5 cm
Width: 13" / 33 cm
Weight: 10.3 lb / 4.67 kg
Keeps the heat exceptionally well for a very long time
Especially good for "slow cooking", simmer dishes, and for grilling meat
Lightweight Cast iron which is 10% lighter than normal cast iron pots
Goes on all heat sources incl. Induction
The series of pots and frying pans in cast iron is perfect for slow cooking at low or medium heat, because cast iron distributes heat evenly and uniformly and keeps well on it. Cast iron is also a material which can withstand also very high temperatures. Therefore, it is particularly good for browning, and can also be used for cooking in the oven. It is extraordinarily durable cookware, and can be handed down for generations.
Eva Trio cast iron is enameled and can withstand up to 752°F / 400°C. Goes on all heat sources incl. induction.