Kitchen Tool Set
Eva Solo

Item: 530440
Designed for the minimalist and stylish kitchen, it comprises a steel holder and four essential kitchen utensils: a spatula, two different-sized serving spoons and a slotted spoon.

Space-saving The utensils sit securely on the holder by means of a small prong on the handle of each tool, while the holder stands firmly on the worktop thanks to its rubber-coated non-scratch base. So no extra utensils in the drawer, but on the contrary an elegant holder which takes up little space and will ensure that you always have the utensils you need close at hand.

Made of a sturdy, heat-resistant material, all the tools can be used for all types of pots and frying pans, even those with a non-stick Slip-Let®coating.

Takes up a minimum of space
Tough materials for everyday usage–heat-resistant
Easy to clean – tools are dishwasher-safe

Height: 11.2" / 28.5 cm
Length: 3.7" / 9.5 cm
Width: 3.7" / 9.5 cm
Weight: 0.8 lb / 0.35 kg