Legio Large Baking Dish
Eva Solo

Item: 885236

Delivery Estimate 3-4 Weeks

Length: 14.2" / 36 cm
Width: 11.4" / 29 cm
Height: 2.4" / 6 cm
Weight: 4 lbs / 1.8 kg
With handles on all sides, this dish is always easy to get out of the oven. These dishes are good for both roasting and baking and makes a perfect serving dish. It's like, the rest of the Legio tableware, good quality porcelain in a classic design. The dishes are stackable and dishwasher safe. The porcelain can withstand temperatures ranging from -30 to +350 degrees celsius (-22 to +662 degrees Fahrenheit), and can be used directly from freezer to oven or grill. If this is done, please note that the entire bottom of the dish should be covered by fluid or food to prevent the dish from cracking.