Legio Nova Roaster
Eva Solo

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Length: 15.15" / 38.5 cm
Width: 9.44" / 24 cm
Height: 6.69" / 17 cm
Materials: Porcelain
All-in-one roasting pot and serving dish
Practical integrated handles
Elegant and stylish design

Design by: Eva Solo
The elegant roaster is both a stewpot and a serving dish.
First prepare the food, then transfer to the oven for hassle-free cooking before serving the delicious simmer dish straight from the roaster. The lid also doubles as a serving dish. Cooking in a roaster retains the goodness, juices and flavor of the food, because the lid prevents the steam from escaping.
The practical integrated handle comes in handy when transferring the roaster from the oven to the table.
Eva Trio Legio Nova is a new interpretation of the classic Eva Trio Legio tableware designed by Ole Palsby. With its delicate, fluted decoration on the outside, Legio Nova can be used on its own, but also goes extremely well with the timeless simplicity and elegance of the rest of the Legio collection.
There are 10 years of porcelain warranty on the tableware.