Legio Nova Utensil Holder
Eva Solo

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Height: 6.1" / 15.5 cm
Diameter: 4.52" / 11.5 cm
Materials: Porcelain
Care: Dishwasher-safe
For a neat and tidy worktop around the cooker
Elegant and stylish design

Design by: Eva Solo
Bring some stylish order to your kitchen with the Legio Nova utensils jar. The jar – with the distinctive, delicately fluted signature finish of the Legio Nova series – is perfect for organising and elegantly displaying your kitchen utensils on the kitchen surface.

The jar helps to keep kitchen surfaces clear and prevent messy worktops. The jar is suitable for storing kitchen utensils, but also pencils, brushes and coloring materials.

Legio Nova is, like Legio, porcelain of highest quality and can go in the oven, the microwave and the freezer. There are 10 years of porcelain warranty on the tableware.