Riesling Wine Glass

Eva Solo
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Length: 3.2" / 8 cm
Width: 3.2" / 8 cm
Height: 8.7" / 22 cm
Capacity: 10.1 oz / 0.3 L
Weight: 0.3 lb / 0.14 kg
Thin, elegant rim
Shaped to enable drinking from all sides
Hand wash only
A slim white wine glass is designed to draw out the best from a fresh white wine with a high mineral content and a peach aroma. Riesling is one of the finest white wines, and is characterised by its fine acid/sugar balance. All Rieslings are mild, fruity white wines.

Among German Kabinett wines, Riesling is the best. It is followed by wines from Alsace. Many unoaked white wines belong to this group, for which this glass is designed in particular.