Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glass

Eva Solo
Item: 541006

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Length: 3.1" / 8 cm
Width: 3.1" / 8 cm
Height: 8.7" / 22 cm
Capacity: 10.1 oz / 0.3 L
Weight: 0.29 lb / 0.13 kg
Thin, elegant rim
Shaped to enable drinking from all sides
Hand wash only
The Sauvignon Blanc white wine glass is recommended for wines such as Fumé Blanc, Sémillon, Sancerre, Zierfande and – of course – Sauvignon Blanc. All are dry, intense white wines.

In addition to Sauvignon Blanc, this glass is specially designed to complement classics such as Chablis and white Burgundy. Here the grape is exposed to a lot of sunshine and the wines are oaked, so the wine can be extremely dry with exotic undertones.