Spinning Colander

Eva Solo
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Height: 6.25" / 16 cm
Diameter: 9.25" / 23.8 cm
Materials: Composite (30% wheat fibres & 70% plastic), Stainless steel
All-in-one salad spinner and colander
Eco-friendly material
Built-in spinner function
Two-in-one salad spinner and colander – ingeniously simple. Rinse the lettuce in the spinner, push down on the axle in the middle until all the water has been spun out. The water drains out through the holes in the bottom. It is also perfect for rinsing fruit, draining water from pasta etc.
Less plastic, more flavour in the kitchen. The Green tools series is a series of functional and sustainable cookware designed to bring out the flavours of the vegetables you serve. The Green tools are thus a tribute to new green habits in the kitchen as well as new and sustainable production methods.