StayCool Wine Cooler in Arctic Blue
Eva Solo

Item: 567375
StayCool quickly chills your wine and keeps it cool for longer. The wine cooler will keep a bottle of chilled white wine cold for up to two hours.

The wine cooler is a convenient size for using anywhere, both at home or on picnics. The wine cooler contains freezer gel, and must be put in the freezer before use, after which the ice-cold cooler is placed around the bottle. It fits snugly thanks to its flexible design and the elastic side straps.

With the Eva Solo StayCool wine cooler, you can enjoy chilled white wine almost anywhere. So when packing a bag for a barbecue on the beach or in the park, StayCool accompanies the wine bottle, ensuring that you can enjoy freshly chilled white wine with your meal. The Eva Solo StayCool wine cooler is available in several colors with cords in matching or contrast colors. The wine cooler is 15.5 cm high.

StayCool is made of nylon on the outside and polyester on the inside. The cooling gel is made of hydrogel, so StayCool can be frozen. StayCool should be washed gently with a mild detergent and warm water. Use a soft sponge and allow the wine cooler to air-dry (avoid direct sunlight).
- Fits any shape or size of wine bottles due to the elastics on the side
- Store in freezer before use, can be folded
- Cooling gel inside the nylon sleeve

Height: 6.1 in / 15.5 cm
Materials: Nylon, freezer gel
Care: Clean with a damp cloth