Thermo Flask in Orange

Eva Solo

Item: 502974
Fill the Eva Solo thermo flask with hot or cold beverages and take it with you on the go. Then you will always have a refreshing drink to hand. The flask is a proper double-walled vacuum flask made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel. However, the screw-on top and strap must be washed by hand.

Warning: Do not drink hot beverages directly from the thermo flask because of the risk of scalding.

Bottle - Dishwasher Safe

Cap - Hand-wash only

Sturdy steel insert 

Fits cup holders in most cars 

Practical carry and grab strap


Capacity: 17 oz / 0.5 L

Height: 9 in / 230 mm

Length: 2.9 in / 73 mm

Width: 2.9 in / 73 mm

Weight: 0.66 lb / 0.3 kg