Thermo Tea Mug with Filter

Eva Solo
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Height: 7.08" / 18 cm
Diameter: 2.87" / 7.3 cm
Capacity: 0.35 L / 11.83 oz
Materials: Powder-coated stainless steel, Plastic, Silicone
Care: Dishwasher-safe
Brew tea directly in the thermos cup
100% sealed – perfect for carrying in a bag
Can also be used for hot coffee or colder water
Take your favourite tea with you in the car to work, on the train or when you’re going for a walk in the woods. The thermo cup is designed for brewing tea directly in the cup. The thermo cup has a built-in filter in the lid, letting you enjoy a freshly brewed cup of tea on the go – just when it suits you. And the tea stays hot for hours thanks to the double-walled vacuum-insulated thermo cup.

Thanks to the carrying strap and the 100% watertight lid, it is easy to take the thermo cup with you on the go without any risk of leakages. The lid is designed with a convenient ‘click’ function, which makes it easy to operate the cup with one hand. Ideal for using in the car.

How to brew the tea:
Remove the tea filter from the cup, fill it with tea leaves, pour boiling water into the cup up to the curved edge, and place the tea filter back in the cup. Then screw on the lid of the cup. If you would like your tea to brew for longer, turn the cup upside down so the water comes into contact with the tea leaves again.