Vacuum Jug In Pomegranate
Eva Solo

Item: 502825
Height: 11.5" / 29 cm
Diameter: 6" / 15.5 cm
Capacity: 35 oz / 1 L
Materials: Plastic, Silicone, Glass, Stainless Steel
Not dishwasher safe
100% drip-free vacuum jug
Stands securely
Easy to fill
To clean the inside of the vacuum jug, rinse the inner flask with clean water. Alternatively, pour a cup of lukewarm water into the jug together with a handful of coarse salt and shake untilk the inner flask is clean. Then rinse with clean water.
Never use bottle brushes or other hard objects to clean the inside the vacuum jug.
The sculptural design completes this popular range of vacuum jugs which are based on an award-winning concept that features a 100% drip-free stainless steel pouring lip. Moreover, the wide opening at the top makes the jug easy to fill.
The vacuum jug is made of plastic with a replaceable glass insert. It holds 1 litre.