10 Inch Maple Rolling Pin
Fletchers' Mill

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10" Length x 2" Diameter
When it's not in use, store the rolling pin in a dry place.
Handcrafted in Maine, USA
Rolling out dough has never been easier than with this Fletchers' Mill 10" maple wood rolling pin. Perfect for any busy bakery, pizzeria, commercial kitchen, or catering service, this versatile pin works well for pie crusts, pizzas, cookies, and biscuits and features a standard 10" finished barrel length. This rolling pin features classic handles and steel ball bearings for smooth, free rotation with optimal balance and weight. The handles provide extra comfort and control while rolling, helping you to easily guide the rolling pin in the direction you need it to move. Constructed of smooth, solid rock maple wood, the rolling pin can easily hold a dusting of flour to prevent dough from sticking to it and stays at room temperature while rolling for greater versatility. This durable rolling pin is also easy to clean and can provide long-term performance with proper care. To clean, remove excess dough from the rolling pin and simply wipe with a clean, dry or damp cloth and dry thoroughly if needed. Finish with a thin coat of food grade mineral oil to keep moisture out, prevent cracking, and to help prevent dough from sticking to the rolling pin during your next use.