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Jardin Des Roses Table Runner im Parme
Garnier Thiebaut

Item: 36269
Jardin Des Roses brings hundreds of old roses in a composition with deliciously surreal charm. A tablecloth that gives rise to the desire for scented teas, delicate porcelains and biscuits finely sweet.

The fabric features a high thread count and easy-care Green Sweet technology. Green Sweet stain-resistant technology is an exceptional treatment used in the most of Garnier-Thiebaut’s engineered patterns to make the 100% cotton fabrics stain resistant. The liquids spilled on the cloth bead up and you can simply clean with a sponge or paper towel. Made in France.
Size: 22” x 59”

Greensweet Care: For stains, first remove the solid residue, then gently absorb the liquids with a non-abrasive damp sponge. If necessary, machine wash ( 40°C / 104°F ) with no fabric softener. Do not use bleach or dryer sheets. Machine dry medium. Heat treatment provided by ironing re-activates the functionality of the finish.