Mille Wax Cocktail Tablecloth
Garnier Thiebaut

Item: MILLE WAX Cocktail Tablecloth
$58.75 to $372.70

Delivery Estimate 2-3 Weeks

Mille Wax is a bold, colorful grid design, perfect for a modern table and one of Garnier-Thiebaut's most popular designs. The Mille Wax Cocktail Tablecloth is adorned with red, green, and blue hues. The runner is made of 100% two-ply twisted cotton, mercerized for softness and durability.

Garnier-Thiebaut's high thread count fabrics are made with finer threads woven with higher density, resulting in even more elegant cloth and drape, and more details in the design.
  • 71" Round
  • 71" Square
  • 71" x 98"
  • 71" x 118"
  • 35" Square
  • 45" Square

Made in France.