Nappula 4.25 inch Pillar Candleholder in Moss Green

Item: 1026407
An unusually shaped table with ‘swollen’ legs inspired Matti Klenell’s Nappula. The designer translated the inspiration into Nappula’s signature silhouette; a tall, elegant stem standing on a solid, round base. Now a modern Nordic design classic, Nappula combines Klenell’s love of classic and contemporary details. The Nappula pillar candleholder is a fun play on the signature silhouette with its flowing curved design. Mouthblown glass in fresh moss green enhances its striking impact. The rounded top softly contours to the pillar candle so that it reflects a gentle light that brings warm ambience to any interior.
Height: 4.25" (107mm)
Materials: Glass

Hand wash only
Use with tapered candles