Set of 2 Kastehelmi Universal Glasses Recycled Edition

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Capacity: 8.75 oz / 260 ml
Material: Glass

Designer: Oiva Toikka
Kastehelmi (Finnish for “dewdrop”) by design pioneer Oiva Toikka features rings of glass bubbles designed to resemble strings of dewdrops glistening under the morning sun. Iittala takes Kastehelmi to a new level with the recycled Kastehelmi universal glass 2 piece set made of 100% recycled glass produced entirely from waste glass at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland. Functional yet durable drinkware that’s perfect for serving cold drinks. Suits any table setting from casual to formal. Mixed coloured glass results in a beautiful variation of blues and greens. The 2 pcs recycled glassware set makes a thoughtful ready gift set.