Industry 9.5" Stainless Steel Traditional Nonstick Fry Pan

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Made of Stainless Steel.
Made in Belgium.
The frying pan from the Industry series is perfect for creating a variety of delicacies. The 24 cm pan is extremely hygienic and easy to clean thanks to the stainless steel’s Silvinox® surface finish. You can enjoy your roast first and then quickly and easily clean afterwards. Like all other Demeyere products, this frying pan was designed to convey the joy of cooking as well as to be efficient, visually appealing and ergonomic at the same time. The multi-layered five-ply material consists of seven layers of alloys wrapped around an aluminium core, which stretches all the way to the frying pan’s useful pouring rim and distributes heat evenly over the entire surface of the pan. The material is well suited for all types of cookers, including induction hobs. This frying pan merges the high-quality technology of Demeyere with a bold American-inspired design created by Belgian designer Stefan Schöning. This frying pan has a secure grip due to the shot-blasted stainless steel handle. You can use this pan to whip up delicious crispy crusts or gently cooked vegetables while saving energy and time.