Maple Lazy Susan with Artisan Finish, 18 inch

J.K. Adams
Item: LS-18-ART DISC

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Diameter: 18" / 45.7 cm

This board has a lifetime guarantee, but please be sure to take good care:

•Wash gently with warm, soapy water after each use.
•Do not soak your board in water or put in dishwasher.
•Towel dry your board after washing, and allow it to air dry thoroughly.
•Condition your board regularly with JK Adams Mineral Oil or Beeswax Wood Conditioner.
•Do not use your board in microwave.
A Lazy Susan is the centerpiece to any gathering of friends and family. Stylish enough for the table or the kitchen island. Great for parties or even a simple family dinner. Lazy Susans spin with ball-bearing swivels and have a padded base. USA made