Large Steamer Set, Steamer Pot + 1 Basket

Item: JST110

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Diameter: 9.5" / 24.1 cm x Height: 11.5" / 29.2 cm

Use and Care
Steamer pot
---First use
1. When using the steamer pot for the first time, it is recommended to add 1 cup of rice and 80% full of water into the pot and simmer until the rice is cooked into porridge. The porridge cooking step will make maintenance easier in the future. (If rice is not available, choose a cup of flour instead.)
2. The pot is suitable for direct fire cooking, oven and microwave.

Daily maintenance
1. When using the pot with the steamer basket, do not fill more than 50% full of water in order to maximize the steaming performance.
2. If there is any leftover odor in the pot, boil tea in it, and leave the tea staying for 6 to 8 hours to remove the odor.
3. The pot bottom may turn dark brown after using for a period of time.
4. Clean with mild detergent and sponge. After cleaning, air-dry the pot with bottom facing upward. Make sure it is completely dry before storing in a cool dry place.
Steamer basket

1. When using the steamer basket it is recommended that the food be placed in a dish or on baking paper before being put into the steamer, to prevent food remains being left on the terracotta.
2. Clean with mild detergent and sponge. After rinsing the steame(more...)
The method of steaming food was invented during the Han Dynasty thousands of years ago. Through history, steaming has evolved to be one of the most iconic and essential cooking techniques in the Chinese culinary lexicon. The steamer basket replaces the traditional bamboo base with terracotta. This natural material has efficient liquid absorbing characteristics, meaning it can absorb any excess moisture generated during steaming, ensuring that the food is moist but not soggy. The steamer pot and lid are made from fireproof ceramic, which has excellent heat resistance compared to regular stoneware, making it less likely to crack at higher temperatures. The JIA steamer pot can be used on open flame gas stoves and in both conventional and microwave ovens.