Karo Vase
Jars Ceramics

Item: Karo Vase
$128.00 to $132.00
The dual tones and long rectangular shape of the Jars Karo vase rises up like a rustic sky scraper. The upper part is glazed in a variety of bold colors while the lower section left raw and matte-finished, except for the Indigo color, which is glazed top to bottom. The Mica color, a pale aquamarine, also features a crackled effect for added visual interest. Jars Karo is dishwasher safe and chip-resistant. It’s also environmentally friendly, composed by natural raw materials, lead and cadmium free, non polluting, non porous, and does not stain.
Small: 8.2" High x 3.25" Wide x 2.75" Deep
Medium: 12.6" High x 4.25" Wide x 3.25" Deep