Vuelta Deep Serving Bowl 9.85 inch
Jars Ceramics

Item: Vuelta Deep Serving Bowl
The Jars Vuelta collection uses a glazing technique of applying several overglazes in dilute form to create depth and complexity. Multiple layers of glaze in variegated shades pool at the bottom of each dish for a speckled effect. The sharp edges and clean rims of the contemporary silhouettes spotlight the subtle glazing. the exterior of the ocean blue shade is matte ivory and the exterior of the white pearl shade is glossy ivory. The Jars Vuelta serving bowl has a dramatic conical shape with tall sides that rise sharply from the base. The generous capacity makes it ideal for pasta, salad, and more.

Jars Vuelta dinnerware is dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and chip-resistant.
Width: 9.85"
Height: 5.12"