The Belgian Towel Fouta in Bruges
Libeco Home

Item: 152245
A Belgian Towel with a slightly new look! The copper ground of this towel is a sateen weave, which gives it a bit of a sheen, not so unlike an old penny. There are fancy black and bone stripes sitting on either end of the towel. It’s part gypsy, part classical.
The Belgian Towel from Libeco Home is a fouta, a large thin fabric piece that could be suitable at a Turkish bath. Aside from a cozy wrap for the sauna, you might use it as a beach towel or as a wrap to screen the sun from your face and body. It has a gorgeous hand and sateen weave that make it absorbent,beautiful and practical.
Size: 43 x 71 in

100% Linen with a washed finish.