Gridy Me Mirror, Smoked Oak

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Simple in its idea and aesthetic, but impressive in use, materials and diversity. The Menu Me Mirror by Gridy is a new and modern design, with a nostalgic dash of blurry Polaroid memories. 2 parts. Easily assembled.

Slide the mirror into the groove in the wood base and choose between horizontal or vertical position. Either way, the lines of the solid oak base will draw a unique landscape on each mirror.

Use the side with the normal mirror glass or turn it around to see yourself in a nostalgic copper tone. The Me Mirror is perfect as a make-up mirror and as a decorative design object in bathrooms, bedrooms and why not also in living rooms?

The Me Mirror is meant to be beautiful and practical and all round nice. And maybe in the spirit of nice and do-good, we should practice looking into it and thinking of someone else?

Designer: Gridy
Materials: Glass, Wood(oak)
Dimensions: 10"w x 13.5"h x 5.5"d