Ocean Master Classic 8.5' Hexagon Parasol in Silica Gravel

Item: OM8.5HEX-4833
The Ocean Master market style umbrella is the culmination of durable engineering, stylish profiles and functional shade design. Manufactured to marine specifications, all Ocean Master umbrellas feature 100% replaceable parts for easy service and a 15/5-year warranty. Classic beauty. Classic TUUCI. 

Tuuci use only the most durable and beautiful fabrics available for our outdoor shade systems. Tuuci's state-of-the-art umbrella Fabrics that not only attract attention, but are easy to care for as well. We call them TUUCI Tuff-skins. You’ll call them unbelievable.

  • Reinforced Strut Joints
  • Ballistic Reinforced Screw Pocket
  • Armor - Wall Mast

Built Tough:
TUUCI’s Ocean Master Collection features a polished aluminum hub system that is durable and elegant, adding WOW factor to any patio environment. 

Support Where You Need It:
Ocean Master Collection ribs feature reinforced tubing at joints, effectively distributing stress and guaranteeing added strength. Resin connector pieces offer self-lubricating, corrosion-proof strength.

TUUCI’s canopies each have reinforced pocket construction, utilizing ballistic fabric to make them significantly stronger to resist tearing or damage if the umbrella hits the ground.
Dimensions [see corresponding image in image gallery]:
A- Mast Height (Open Position): 93 inches
B- Canopy Clearance: 75 inches
C- Mast Height (Closed Position): 93 inches
D- Table Clearance: 35 inches
E- Closed Parasol Width: 13 inches
F- Flat to Flat (Open Umbrella): 99 inches
G- Point to Point (Open Umbrella): 114 inches
ft2- Canopy Area Coverage: 57.5 inches

Materials: Aluminum Mast, Sunbrella Marine Grade Fabric Canopy

For custom colors, or any other questions please contact us.