Set of 4 Sky Old Fashioned

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Dimensions: 3 1/3 x 3 2/7 in.Capacity: 9 oz.

“More is a glass that is both personal and super simple. It occurred to me that when enjoying a good drink, it’s often in a situation in which you have a glass in your hand. So, I decided that the special feature of my new glass should be just that: it should sit well in the hand.” – Erika Lagerbielke

SKY refers to “the simple, natural design and the fact that the best location for a bar is, in my opinion, a sky bar – high up with an amazing view, or right under the stars.”

Erika started with the most popular sizes: Old Fashioned, Double Old Fashioned and Highball. Together, they offer options so that you can choose the shape you like best for both classic and modern drinks.

Lead free crystal packaged in sets of four.