Cottage Grey Coffee Mill

Item: 31169
A weekend in the country with friends; a house whose chic décor is spot-on; a convivial bunch of appreciative diners around a big table with a roaring fire in the hearth. To match this ambiance, Peugeot presents its Cottage range of salt, pepper, and coffee mills, a new take on a great classic with a touch of modernity: a vigorous design whose slender shape is set off by moldings and a nut in vintage brass. Coffee mills feature a specialized coffee specific mechanism, fully adjustable, that creates a precise grind that promises full aroma. Choose between an extremely fine grind to prepare an espresso, or coarser grind perfect for a French press: Peugeot coffee mills let everyone enjoy coffee to their liking.

Dimensions: 8 ¼" x 5" x 5"
Material: Wood
Color: Grey