Epivac Vaccum Wine Pump And Stoppers

Item: 210045

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Comes with two wine stoppers.
Made in France.
Your open bottle of wine can be kept for several days thanks to the Peugeot Epivac vacuum wine keeper. This wine saver removes some of the air from the wine bottle.

You’ve started a bottle of wine and you don’t want to throw away what is left? It is completely possible to keep your wine for 2 to 8 days after the bottle is opened. Peugeot has designed Epivac to take care of this. EPIVAC is a vacuum pump that removes air from the bottle, which limits oxidisation of the wine. An opened bottle with some wine in can therefore be kept for between two to eight days, depending on the age of the wine. A beautiful way to keep enjoying a good wine and keep remembering a happy occasion!