Z_li Electric Pepper Mill 5 _î

Item: 24079
Zéli is highly contemporary in its brushed chrome look and is particularly ergonomic: small, with a button on the top for a very natural hand movement. What’s more is Zéli incorporates the must-have feature that’s inseparable from Peugeot: the little lamp that lights up during use! Zéli comes in salt and pepper versions. The pepper mechanism is equipped with a helix-shaped double row of teeth that guide and hold the peppercorns for a perfect grind. It has a patented treatment that protects the steel from corrosion while maintaining its sharpness and wear resistance.

Size: 5 ½ inches
Color: Stainless Steel

For all Materials, use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean your Peugeot mill. Never use any cleaning agent or detergent.

To Adjust The Grind:
Turn the wheel located under the mechanism -
– clockwise to obtain a finer grind,
– counter-clockwise to obtain a coarser grind.

Which Pepper To Use:
To get the best out of your Peugeot pepper grinding mechanism, we recommend you to use peppercorns with a diameter of 6 mm (¼”) or less.

Black, white and dry green peppercorns can be ground in Peugeot pepper mills. The pink berries can be ground only if in a blend (max 15% pink) with one of these other peppercorns. Dried coriander is also suitable for the pepper mechanism.