Brasserie Coffee Saucer

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To be used with both the Pillivuyt Brasserie breakfast coffee cup, the gentle slope of the saucer rim ensure clean coffee service and a convenient place to keep your teaspoon and coffee break cookies. It features the classic Brasserie decal around the top edge.
Brasserie Coffee Saucer by Pillivuyt Porcelain for the breakfast coffee cup shown, sold separately.
Discover one of the most recognizable styles from the Pillivuyt brand when you check out this collection at Didriks. Known for its elegant French porcelain, Pillivuyt has been making quality pieces since 1818. Their Pillivuyt Brasserie dinnerware and servingware collection was first made in the 1920s and has since become an iconic set. Discover the origins of the unique design on each piece and discover what makes Pillivuyt dinnerware such an excellent choice for sophisticated dining.
Patterned French Porcelain
French words and phrases abound on each piece of the Pillivuyt Brasserie dinnerware and servingware collection. With excerpts from real French restaurant and café menus, complete with the original prices from the 1920s, this set has an undeniably vintage look. The design is carefully applied by hand to white porcelain and then baked into a hard coating of glaze. This creates a smooth surface with a slight sheen that can’t be scratched or worn off. This touch of French culture makes every dish look distinctive and adds a fun twist to every meal you serve.
Durable Dinnerware
From classic dinner plates and soup bowls to beverage pitchers, individual ramekins and large bakers, the Pillivuyt Brasserie dinnerware and servingware collection has something for every dinner table. And despite the delicate look, these pieces are durable enough to hold up well over the years, even in busy households. They are resistant to scratches and chips and are easy to clean. They’re safe to use in the oven, microwave and freezer and feature excellent heat retention to keep freshly served dishes nice and warm. Choose this strong and chic dinnerware by Pillivuyt to accent your table with a touch of vintage charm and a dash of French style.
  • Diameter: 6" / 15.2 cm