Ville De Paris Soup Plate in Black

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Diameter: 9"

Thermal Shock Resistant
Freezer Safe
Oven Safe
Microwave Safe
Dishwasher Safe
With its remarkable architecture and symbolic monuments, Paris speaks and appeals to us all. This collection is inspired by that most Parisian of icons, the Eiffel Tower, to create a graphic vocabulary around different scales.
The contrast of black and white highlights the immaculate white of the porcelain and is a nod to the uniform worn by the waiters in Parisian bistros.
The Pillivuyt Dinnerware collection at Didriks brings international flavor to your table. Browse this brand for plates, bowls, cups and more made in France with traditional methods and innovative materials. Find contemporary style and superior quality in Pillivuyt dinnerware from this selection.
Pillivuyt, Paris: Plates and More with French Style
Add a bit of French flair to any meal with Pillivuyt dinnerware. Choose the Brasserie Collection for Pillivuyt Paris plates, bowls and cups that evoke charming cafes on cobblestone streets. The Quartet Collection takes the idea of square meals to a new level while the Montmartre Collection infuses elegance into fine dinnerware with subtle embossed designs. Whether you’re gifting newlyweds with Pillivuyt dinnerware or expanding your own cupboard with stylish pieces that are freezer, oven and dishwasher safe, the Pillivuyt selections in this collection elevate any table.
200 Years of Pillivuyt Innovation
Since 1818, the Pillivuyt family has taken great pride in combining tradition and innovation to produce porcelain of exceptional quality and beauty. With a factory still located in the French town of Mehun-sur-Yevre, this brand is one of the last to maintain 100% of its production in France. That stability has led to creative breakthroughs, like the 2005 invention of a stronger and more versatile porcelain recipe, as well as continued developments of novel glazes, colors and shapes that make Pillivuyt collections seem at once traditional and contemporary.