Basalt Square Slate Plate

Revol France
Item: Square Slate Plate
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  • Medium: 9.75” x 9.75" x 0.25" / 24.8 cm x 24.8 cm x 0.6 cm
  • Large: 11.75” x 11.75" x 0.25” / 29.8 cm x 29.8 cm x 0.6 cm
Revol is the only manufacturer to market culinary articles made of black porcelain paste. The Basalt collection is the result of research into how to combine our 100% culinary-grade porcelain paste of a slate colour with a design inspired by the roughness and shapes of natural slate.

Basalt doesn’t scratch or chip like natural slate, however, and it is nonporous, so it absorbs neither fats nor bacteria. It is also 100% safe for your health and the environment The trays are ideal for presenting cheeses, appetisers, desserts, and coffee with accompaniment in an original, elegant way.

The saucers are perfectly sized to hold cups from the crumpled Froissé collection, and will set off any of the colours you choose.