Blue Elements Bowl

Royal Copenhagen
Item: 1062492

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Length: 3.74"
Width: 3.93"
Height: 1.18"
Capacity: 3.38 fluid oz.
Materials: Porcelain.
A small edition to the Blue Elements family, designed by Louise Campell, who put both embossments, flutes, teethes and scales to work, keeping the eye wandering. This little bowl works in kitchen for salt, butter or dips or as the beholder of personal belongings such as rings or ear pods.
The Blue Elements collection blooms in elegant joyfulness with an inspiring combination of classic Royal Copenhagen design elements and classic, hand painted decorations that grow freely across porcelain surfaces. Like White Elements and Multicoloured Elements, the collection shines on its own or in a combination with classic collections from Royal Copenhagen in a playful style of contemporary beauty.