White Fluted Half Lace Teapot

Royal Copenhagen
Item: 1017279

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9.5" Length x 5.5" Width x 6.25" Height
Capacity: 33.75 oz
Designer: Arnold Krog
A beautiful interaction of stringent, white flutes and romantic lace borders is at play on the surface of the classic White Fluted Half Lace 32 ounce Teapot. Even the spout of the porcelain teapot is decorated in lace, which is offset by the ornaments of snail shells on the lid and handle. The unpainted porcelain of White Fluted Half Lace allows the Royal Copenhagen craftsmanship to take centre stage. Each piece is glazed by hand and adorned with a romantic lace border. White Fluted Half Lace is a timelessly beautiful collection to combine with the hand painted dinner services of Royal Copenhagen.